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Sampling Room
Customer needs about tailoring are actioned by experienced pattern cutters.

Production Preparations
After the cutting approvals, sealed sample measurments and patterns are checked.

Production Process
Cloth is cut with automatic cutters. Sewing is carried out under inspection with the most suitable machines and techniques.

Finishing and Packaging
Thread trimming, pressing, size checking and shipment inspections are done by the quality control team.

Products are boxed or hanged shipped to required places in required due times.

Eresya Giyim San.Tic. A.S.

Eresya Clothing Inc. was established in 1995 and has been producing ladies'
outerwear from woven fabrics for the British market since its inception. Up until
today we have produced over 7 million units of highly detailed mixed garments
(with a retail value of 1 billion gbp )for mostly high end British labels on a FF and
CM basis.

Our in house production facility is situated on 6,000 square meters on two floors
in the center of Istanbul, Turkey at a very close proximity to the airport. Currently
we employ 400 workers within our premises. Our capacity is 9 thousand units of
mixed garments per week. Our factory has over 300 machinery** and is fully
equipped, from cutting to packing, to produce any kind of tailored garment.
We have all the automated machineries including auto jigs, automated pocket
insertion, sleeve insertion and considerable amount of stab stitching machines.
We also have our own warehouse with an integral sample room facility in Royal
London Estate in Tottenham.

Since 2006, we have been producing for Karen Millen, Jigsaw, All Saints , Reiss
and Me and EM through our wholly owned subsidiary in UK. Since the start of our
UK facility, we have produced over 3,600,000 units for these labels at a high
quality level in a reliable and dependable fashion, week in week out. Eresya
maintains to be the strategic partner for these labels and also the biggest supplier
of Karen Millen for producing over 200.000 units per each year for the last
consecutive 12 years.

At Eresya, we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to
assist our clients successfully. We are familiar with most of the British high-end
labels and where they stand in the global market. As you would appreciate,
maintaining such a long track record for UK labels especially of the caliber of the
above mentioned labels we currently work for requires extremely satisfactory
performance in terms of consistency in quality, reliability in delivery and overall
perfection in all aspects of execution.

In sum we believe that the exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled
with extensive industry knowledge makes Eresya the ideal choice for a supplier
to manage the production and on time delivery of your garments

Based in London, United Kingdom. A hub for the operations.

Experienced team for merchandising and logistics solutions.


Founded in 2002 and currently placed in Royal Londan Estate in Totenham; KRM Clothing Resources Ltd is our wholly owned subsidiary serving communication office and warehouse with an integral sample room facility.

It is also a distribution and logistics center for Europe based brands. We store all the recent samples of production we have made in our UK office and our UK representative will be delighted to present to customers, selection of garments we made for labels.

A sample and archieves library since 20 years.

A solution oriented establishment leading the production phases.

Apparel and accessory&trim sourcing solutions for global clients.

Interfiling the production and QC stages to the executives.

Cooperating with the logistics department about the quantities and lead times.

Visiting major industry-specific expositions in Europe and following the latest developments

Eresya Fashion Design & Development

Eresya Fashion Design and Development Inc. is an Istanbul based design, development and sourcing office, with strong textile design, engineering knowledge and a reliable supplier base. As an affiliate of Eresya GiyimSan. Tic As. (which is a high-quality ladies tailoring and outerwear manufacturer established in 1995), weoffer broad spectrum of textile solutions to mid-high fashion brands in Europe and North America.

Our vision is to build long-term strategically partnerships by focusing on the needs of our customersthrough high quality production, on-time delivery, competitive pricing and market awareness. At Eresya Fashion Design and Development, we describe our customers as 'partners' and act as their design and production office by sharing our experience in sourcing as well as garment manufacturing.

Our mission is to offer the right product for the market with competitive prices anddeliver the highest quality at the agreed timescale. We are fully committed to provide the right product to our partners and perform as their regional division by running all stages of product development from sourcing to garment delivery in Turkey.


We offer a full package service from Design / Development to Bulk Delivery. The fields we operate are woven, jersey, knitted, denim, leather garments, soft accessories, home textile and leather accessories.

Supplier Management
We provide the right suppliers suitable for the price and product range considering the capabilities and business continuities.

We observe the latest trends, colors and styles in fashion and come up with new fabrics, trims and accessories. It is our mission to help create a commercially successful product.

Sample room/Pattern house Facilities:
We can assist with any of your needs about tailoring sample room or pattern department with our experienced pattern cutters and sampling facility.
This means preparation of the pre-production samples, mock-ups or press samples as well as pattern amendments. We can also prepare the initial samples and the collection for your Design Presentations.

Based in Montreal, Canada. Connecting US and Canada operations to Europe branch.

A team reporting the trends worldwide.

Nisse Import Export Inc.

Founded in 2008 and placed in Montreal; Nisse Import Export is our sister company, communicating and managing the oversea business in North America.

The marketing branch within the management structure of this sister company follows up the trends worldwide and reports to Eresya.

Operating online structure.

Tracking current regulations in the industry.


Analysing the uptrends in the home market, Sins acts a part in the mass market and operates its parent company’s basic activities with its rapid contexture.

This department also provides a solid network among all the branches to make them work impeccably with each other.









Letter From The Ceo

Eresya is a family owned company founded by Ekrem Akyuz in 1995. Our mission was to create a company that is acknowledged by its suppliers for its high standards in quality, consistency, reliability, and integrity. In one sense, we have already accomplished our mission. The 6.3 million plus garments we have produced for a variety of UK labels ( such as Oasis, Coast, Whistles, Jigsaw, All Saints and Karen Millen) since our establishment is a testament to our capabilities.

However, as the CEO and the third generation partner of Eresya, I am conscious that these standards are just as difficult to maintain as they are to attain to. We are committed to long-term presence within the industry. Therefore, we remain vigilant to preserve and further improve these standards. We will keep our eyes on the ball continuously. We strive to improve our standards further by: maintaining a stable and experienced team of workers, in an environment of better pay, working conditions, and continuity of work; adoption of new technologies; and most importantly by regularly training our workforce, under the supervision and guidance of hands-on management, to lengthen the quality chain to all stages of production and to meet the norms of World Labour Organization.

In conclusion, I believe we have all the necessary ingredients at Eresya to be one of your most dependable, long-term partner in your Turkish CM and FF production and other textile based projects.





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